So, we have now completed three weeks of lockdown. Three weeks since we had to close the doors of the school. Nobody knows how long the social distancing will last, or when we will be able to open for classes again, or even if the business can survive. But I suppose the important thing right now is to stay safe and healthy. I hope all our students past and present, wherever you are in the world, are staying safe and staying positive. On occasions over the past three weeks, I have visited the school to collect some necessary things. It makes we feel sad to walk around the empty building and it also makes me reflect on all the students from all over the world who have come to study with us over the past ten years, and I am sure had a positive experience with us. So many great memories.

At the moment, I am putting all my efforts into creating online content, redesigning the website and doing online lessons. I am keeping busy and learning a lot about this different world of teaching. But I miss the day to day contact with the school family. I am finally going to get round to making some learning English videos which I will be posting soon. One of the benefits of this closure is that it is giving me the chance to do many things that I have wanted to do for a long time but have never had the time. In some ways it feels like a new start and a new opportunity. The world is going to be much changed and times are going to be very difficult, but it is important to keep believing and stay positive.

I don’t know how other people feel, but for me this situation has given me the opportunity to slow down and live in the moment a lot more. I don’t think there is any point in worrying about the future. It’s all about continuing to work hard and being ready for whatever the future brings us. I believe in creating your own path in life and trying not to be controlled too much by external forces. I know it is impossible sometimes but, what can you do? Keep trying.

One of the things I have been grateful for during this lockdown is still being allowed to go out for daily exercise, so I cycle for one hour every day. Luckily, here in England, the spring weather has been good for the last three weeks. I think this helps with the positivity. It is surprising how many people are out exercising these days as well. I think many more than before the lockdown. It is also funny how everyone wants to say ‘hello’ to each other when they are out. Maybe, it is the joy of seeing another human being haha. But it is good to take the opportunity to go out and connect with nature. With so many planes grounded and far less cars running around, the air feels much fresher and cleaner. It feels like the planet is being given the opportunity to breathe again. Maybe another positive aspect of this crisis.

Take care everyone,


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    I love the new look website, attractive, concise and informative. I enjoyed reading your blog too, very insightful and positive. I didn’t know you meditated everyday!!

    Teresa x

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