Finding a new normality

Well another week has passed by. I suppose it is hard to stay motivated all the times. It’s about getting used to a new way of life. One thing for sure in these times of uncertainty is that whatever we considered normal before, is never going to return. Eventually I suppose we will create a new normality in a new world order. Normal will be different.

The power of thought

Most of the time we are controlled by external forces. But we can still try to lead our own lives. Sometimes I think it is best not to pay any attention to the news. For me it is all over the top. Yes, we have a serious virus going around, but does it really warrant this exaggerated level of coverage? I don’t know. But I do know that the one thing we have absolute power over is our thoughts. We can always control what we think and make our own choices. And I think it is important to use this time wisely so that we can be ready for the new world we are being drawn into.

How are you using any extra time you have on your hands right now?

It seems that many people are using this time to get fit, or to practice mindfulness or yoga, or to make music or other creative pursuits. It’s cool. Maybe we are seeing the end of the money based materialistic values that seem to have dominated society for so long. I see many positives in the public’s response to this crisis.

For me it is about preparing for the world of online learning. If people are still interested in learning English in the future, I suspect that online is going to be the way, as this social distancing situation looks set to stay for a long time, restricting our ability to have face to face classes and also restricting our ability to travel. It’s a steep learning curve for me, but I am enjoying it.

What do you need to change?

Like I said at the beginning, it is hard to stay motivated all the time and fight against a situation which is totally out of our control. But I think it is important to believe in our own power to create change. Maybe it time to reflect on the things we want to change about our lives. Ask yourself, do I need to change anything? Is there anything you need to do differently? For me, I know I need to slow down, breath, live the moment and create the space I need in my mind. My daily meditations have become a very important part of my daily routine.

Live the moment

And it really is about taking everyday as it comes. We can’t look beyond the next day or make long term plans. But there is something about that which feels good. I have often heard it said that we are a very ‘goal’ orientated society, more concerned about the destination than the journey. Now, it is hard to have a destination, so we don’t need a journey. We just need the moment and an appreciation of that.
Robert x