Phrase of the day


7. Do up <something>


  •  To renovate / improve the condition of (house or room)

Example sentences

 He’s doing up his house at the moment so he is very busy.

  I saved up about two thousand pounds to do up my kitchen and bathroom.

6. Cut down on something


  • To reduce

  • To do something less than before

Example sentences

I need to lose weight so I have to cut down on chocolate biscuits.

  Supermarkets ask us to bring our own bags as a way of cutting down on the use of plastic.

Because times are hard we need to cut down on holidays and expensive clothes.

5. Cope with <someone/something>


  •  The ability to manage a difficult or challenging situation

Example sentences

She found it hard to cope with bringing up four young children alone.

  This hospital has the capacity to cope with any emergency.

I am not sure that my brain can cope with all this new information.

4: Come out with something


  • Basically, this means ‘say’ something.  But it is used when you don’t really believe what the person says, because you think it is stupid or ridiculous or just typical of that person.

Example sentences

That sounds like the kind of rubbish my brother would come out with!

  He came out with a lot of stories about her, but I don’t believe them.

 He was late as usual. He came out with the usual classic excuses, but he will never change.

3: On the off chance


  •  When you do something because you think there is a possibility of success, but you don’t have high expectations.

Example sentences

I went there, just on the off chance really, and I asked the old man if he had seen my cat and he said yes.

She thought of ringing him at the flat on the off chance of catching him at home but there was no answer.

I walked down the street on the off chance of finding a good hotel to stay, but everywhere was full.

2: Bump into someone / something


  •  hit something by accident

  •  meet someone by chance

Example sentences

 I bumped into a chair when I was leaving the room and hurt my leg.

 I often bump into your neighbour when we are out walking in the park.

 If you bump into David, can you remind him to call me please?

1: For the time being


  • A temporary situation.
  • Something which is true now, but that we expect or hope will change in the future.

Example sentences

We probably have enough coffee for the time being, but we may need to get some more next week.

She’s living in a bedsit for the time being, but she hopes to buy a house next year.

I am happy working here for the time being, but I want to move on to bigger things in the future.